Filipino Style

March 23, 2008

I am one of an average Filipino who is proud of our different qualities that really our race can be proud of, like having a great singer, the one who invented the flourescent ,a many more. These good qualities of some Filipinos are really amazing and can be proud to be blog…

On the other side, the world doesn’t know the real trash of the so called Filipino style .It should really be a secret but now I am blooging it to the world…I just cant stand to hear that Filipino style is the true reason why our beloved country has no chance of growing up…We also have the so called Filipino time,arriving on an appointment with more than an hour late not knowing that the person waiting have their own time to schedule too.Or letting people wait until what time he wants to show up…instead of scheduling it to some other time..
How can the world people be interested in investing and bringing more money in the Philippines if we always following our filipino style which I am pretty sure that foreigners really don’t like?How can we pay our world debt to International bank if we keep on borrowing, using our national fund but forgetting to save and also just thinking our personal wants and needs.

How can investors be impressed to our banks that is so delayed in processing any transaction. A police station without an Official who will decide on a case matter reported in the evening?A police officer who is abusing his uniform?A police officer who are breaking their bows to their work and duties.A municipal hall without a mayor, a corrupt national officials, government official who waits for their salary only,playing games over the computer instead of serving the people…

These are only few of many to be cited…So now, I want the world to tell me, can Filipino really travel around the world chined up?But how can I change Filipino?


Hello world!

March 23, 2008

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